Subscribers are the most important component in email marketing. Get all the tips for an ideal address management.

Automated Import

Automate the import of your subscriber data to save time. You tell the system once how and which data you want to import and mailworx does the rest fully automatically.

Double-opt-in process

We've summarized everything about the double-opt-in status as well as the standard double-opt-in process from mailworx in this whitepaper - you will use our efficient workflow editor for that.

Facebook Lead Ads integration

Combine the benefits of Facebook Lead Ads and email marketing with mailworx to turn your generated leads easily to paying customers.

GDPR-compliant unsubscription

mailworx offers you two different options to handle the unsubscription of your subscribers - learn more about these in this whitepaper.

Bounce management

In this guide we want to talk about handling email bounces, types of bounces, bounce limits and the things you can do for a better data quality.

Duplicate handling

High-quality subscriber data is the base for a successful email campaign. Therefore it is necessary to keep your data updated. Learn more about duplicate administration.

Subscriber groups

In this whitepaper you learn more about subscriber groups, email list segmentation and about how to send target-group-specific email campaigns with mailworx.

Subscriber dashboard

Keep track of your subscribers - the subscriber dashboard is there to help. Important information about your subscriber base is summarized and displayed in a clear dashboard.

Subscribers in mailworx

Subscribers are the most important assets for successful newsletter marketing. In this whitepaper, we've summarized the key elements to manage your subscribers in mailworx.

Newsletter subscribers

Our subscriber management is very flexible. You can add new subscriber fields in the database whenever it is required. Learn more on how to import an email list and creating your online registration form.