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Duplicate handling

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Eliminate duplicates with the eworx Marketing Suite

High-quality subscriber data is the base for a successful email campaign. If you want to obtain this high quality you have to invest some work in it. The eworx Marketing Suite helps you with a really simple contact administration and supports you by keeping your data updated.

In the following paper we will show you not only the relevance of a good subscriber data quality, but also how to use the duplicate administration of the eworx Marketing Suite.

How to recognize duplicates and how to handle them

Nobody wants to get the same message two times and over and over again. To avoid that, the eworx Marketing Suite searches for duplicates in your subscriber database, of course it is you who still has to decide, what you want to do with them.

The eworx Marketing Suite uses an intelligent duplicate search: If the same combination of first name and surname has been found more than one time, mailworx shows you this contact in a service area (shown in detail below). It´s just the same with multiple email addresses. The search is done every single time, new contacts are added to your database (e.g. import or registrations for your newsletter).


If the eworx Marketing Suite discovers duplicates in your subscriber database you have the following options:

You can merge or maintain the duplicates, or you can decide, that those two contacts are no duplicates and exclude them from the mailworx duplicate service.

Easily manage duplicates with the eworx Marketing Suite 

On the start dashboard in the area „Data quality“ you always get an overview of the current duplicates in your database.

Data quality

The caution sign indicates, that you should take some time for cleaning your duplicates. Just click on the word „Duplicates“.

You can now see a list of possible duplicates. Ideally you should edit every duplicate until the list is empty.


For editing a possible duplicate, click on „Edit“.


mailworx now shows you two or more contacts, which may could be duplicates.


In the border above you can select between „Keep selected“, „Merge selected“ and „Cancel“.

Merge contact-duplicates

If you want to merge these duplicates, you have to select them by activating the check boxes in the left column. Now you can decide for each subscriber field (salutation, first name, …) which value should be saved.

Merge duplicates

After clicking the button „Merge selected“, the eworx Marketing Suite merges the contacts. The contact will no longer show up in the duplicates, because there is now just one contact left.

Maintain contact-duplicates

If you want to keep the two possible duplicates in your database, select them by activating the check boxes in the left column and press the button „Keep selected“.

Maintain duplicates


If a new duplicate has been detected, the eworx Marketing Suite will automatically put it in the list of possible duplicates, to make sure that you can edit it any time you want.

Try to keep your list of possible duplicates updated and go through it from time to time. The correct subscriber data really is important for a successful email marketing.