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QR-Code Tickets & Event App

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Event check-in can be so easy

In this whitepaper, we show you how to use the eworx Marketing Suite to send QR code tickets and how the Event App saves you a lot of stress on the day of the event.

Below you will find a guide to the preparations you should make in advance and which link type you need to use in the campaigns.

Before you place the link to the event ticket in your campaign, first prepare a registration form and the associated event.
For the registration confirmation, now create an event-dependent email campaign that the guest will automatically receive after submitting the registration form.
In this campaign, create a link with the type „Event ticket“. In the drop-down menu you now only have to select the corresponding event.
The pdf ticket with QR code will be automatically generated for each recipient. It contains:

  1. – Key data of the event (name, location and period of the event).
  2. – Details of the guest (all fields visible to the guest from the registration form)
  3. – accompanying persons
  4. – QR code for quick check-in at the event.

Advise the guest to bring the ticket to the event – printed or digitally on the smartphone.

Tip: Carry out registration on a test basis. Use the „switch to preview view“ link in the campaign editor to check the contents of the ticket. Integrate your logo on the ticket by uploading it under „Administration / System settings / Standard layout“ (only visible to mailworx administrators). Note, however, that this logo will also be displayed on standard forms such as the unsubscribe form or the data change form.

Linktyp Eventticket

What preparations do I need to make for a smooth check-in?

To access the guest list via your smartphone or tablet during the event, you need a QR code reader. Access is encrypted with a pin code that you can predefine in the „Check-In“ tab and temporarily unlock for a test run. Otherwise, the pin code is active during the event period as well as 6 hours before and after the event.

Vorbereitung Check-In

What options do I have with the Event App?

With the Event App, you now have the following options for noting actual guest attendance.

  • Scan the QR code ticket
    Scan the QR code with your QR code app and turn the registration into participation with one click
  • Selection from the guest list
    You can find your guests almost as quickly in the „Browse“ dialog of the mailworx Event App. If the guest has forgotten their ticket, you can register the attendee this way.
  • Add new participant
    This option is also available. If a guest shows up unannounced, you can also add him to the attendee list afterwards.
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