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Dispatch management

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This is how you can use organisation groups, guidelines and the dispatch calendar helpfully

The Dispatch Management add-on gives you the following permissions:

  • Create organisational groups to define release processes
  • Create sending restrictions for e-mails with the help of guidelines
  • Dispatch calendars for an optimal overview of campaigns

In order to use these functions, it is necessary to purchase the add-on in advance [Add-On: Dispatch Management]. If you have any questions, please contact our service crew.

In this whitepaper, we will show you the advantages these functions offer you in the eworx Marketing Suite and how you can easily set them up and use them efficiently.

What are organisation groups for?

The dispatch management add-on gives you the authorisation to create organisation groups in order to define release processes and thus inform specific users when an e-mail campaign has been set to ready for dispatch.

How can organisation groups be set up?

Under „Administration“ (top right in the user area) you will find the sub-item „Organisationgroups“ in the navigation bar on the left-hand side. A new organisation group can be created using the „Add“ button.

When creating a new organisation group, you must assign a name and select the users who are to be stored in the group and, if applicable, receive a notification when the status of a campaign changes.

You can also set that a „release email on status change“ of the email campaign is sent.
If this function is selected, the creator of the campaign receives information when the status of the campaign is set to „Ready to send“.


How can the status of an e-mail campaign be changed?

When using organisation groups, it is necessary to set a status for the e-mail campaign (e.g. „Ready for review“) in order to trigger the approval process.

The status of the campaign can be changed by editing the desired campaign. You will then find the status of the campaign at the top right next to the „Back to overview“ button. This can be changed by clicking on the field. By clicking on the current campaign status, a drop-down menu opens which allows you to change the status. You can choose between „Draft“, „Ready for check“, „Ready to send“ and „Archive“.

Status bei Kampagne ändern

If a user does not have the right to set the status of a campaign to „Ready for dispatch“ and sets it to „Ready to check“, the selected users of the organisation group receive a notification.

If the status of the campaign is then set to „Ready to send“ and the selection „Release email on status change“ is stored in the organisation group, the creator of the campaign receives the information that the status of the campaign has been set to „Ready for dispatch“.

What settings can be made with the guidelines?

With the help of the guidelines, you can determine that only a certain number of email campaigns can be sent to a group of recipients in a certain period of time.

Where can the guidelines be created?

Under „Administration“ (top right in the user area) you will find the sub-item „Guidelines“ in the navigation bar on the left-hand side under the heading „More“. A new policy can be created using the „Add“ button.

When creating a new policy, a name and, if desired, a description (e.g. note) must be entered.

Furthermore, the number of e-mails a recipient may receive in the specified period must be defined.

The period of time in which a recipient may not receive more than the specified number of e-mails can be specified in days under „Timeframe of newsletter send date„.

For „Recipient group“, the minimum number of recipients of a campaign is specified from which the policy is applied. The policy is ignored for all campaigns that have fewer recipients than specified in the „Recipient group“.

Likewise, a tick can be set for the selection „Mandatory“. If this value is set, those recipients who would receive more emails than specified in the policy will be excluded from sending.
If this option is not activated, the user will only receive a notice about the policy violation when sending a campaign. If the user sends anyway, the excluded recipients will be sent.


How do the guidelines affect the sending of a campaign?

After checking an e-mail campaign, the „sending can be configured“. If the guidelines are activated, the „coverage rate“ must first be calculated so that the campaign can be sent. The coverage rate indicates the percentage of recipients sent – i.e. how many recipients are covered when sending.

For example, if the coverage rate is 80%, 80% of the recipients will be sent. The remaining 20 % will not be sent due to the guidelines, although these are effective recipients that were defined in the „Target group“ item in the campaign.

Deckungsrate berechnen

If the coverage rate is 0%, the campaign cannot be sent because there are no effective recipients.

After calculating the coverage rate, the number of recipients excluded by the guidelines is also displayed. If recipients are excluded from sending due to guidelines, there is the option to recalculate the coverage rate or to ignore the guidelines. If the guidelines are ignored, all effective recipients listed under „Target group“ will be sent.

Deckungsrate 0%

What are the advantages of the dispatch calendar?

The clearly arranged dispatch calendar provides you with an overview of the planned and already dispatched campaigns.

Where can I find the dispatch calendar?

Under „Administration“ (top right in the user area) you will find the sub-item „Dispatch management“ in the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

In the „Overview“ tab you will find a list of how many campaigns and e-mails have been sent in the specified period.


The „send calendar“ tab contains a calendar in which all scheduled and dispatched campaigns can be seen at a glance.


In both tabs (Overview and Dispatch Calendar) you can display the desired period. The selected period may not exceed 32 days.

If you send an e-mail campaign, you will also find the sending calendar in the „Send“ item after checking the campaign when you configure the sending.

Versandkalender anzeigen

Here you have the option of selecting the sendtime by marking it in the dispatch calendar. The marked area in the dispatch calendar represents the desired dispatch time/area. You can change the selection by clicking on it. You can delete the selection by double-clicking.

It is also possible to calculate the coverage rate in the send calendar if you select a desired period. This can be helpful to check on which day you reach the most recipients.

Versandkalender anzeigen