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Februray 2024

New „Event statistics“ tab for subscribers

If you have authorisation to use events in your client, the „Event statistics“ tab is now visible when a recipient is being processed. This tab provides you with an overview of all events in which the recipient has interacted.

New „Event activity“ tab in the „Recipient statistics“

The „subscriber statistics“ has been expanded to include the „Event activity“ tab. This function is available to users who are authorised to use events.

The „Event activity“ tab provides an overview of the top recipients in terms of interactions with events, as well as an overview of all event interactions per recipient. This function can be filtered by target group, event period and guest status.

January 2024

Revision of duplicate maintenance

Duplicate maintenance has been revised. The following points have been taken into account:

  • The „Duplicate search“ appears in a new interface.
  • It is possible to search for recipient fields that are authorised as duplicate criteria.
  • It is also possible to retain all fields (incl. first name/surname).
  • Furthermore, it is now possible to export a csv file and add the recipients to a static target group.


Edit campaign default values

If the „Campaign settings and content“ are edited for a „standard„, the name of the „Default value“ is entered as the campaign name.
Below this, an info text is now displayed indicating that the campaign settings for the default value are being edited. Checking and sending is not possible.

This is to prevent confusion between „Email campaigns“ and „Default values“ when editing.


Automations – Set multiple selection for recipient field

In „Automations„, the „Action“ ‚Set value of recipient field‚ can now be used to select whether the selection for a recipient field should be ‚Additive‚ or ‚Overwrite‚.

December 2023

Maintenance update

The following areas have been visually revised in subscriber maintenance:

  • Bounces
  • Invalid e-mail addresses
  • Invalid telephone numbers
  • Mass change
  • Mass deletion

Save filters on overview pages

In the eworx Marketing Suite, it is now also possible to save set filters in the overview pages. As is already possible for email campaigns, this now applies to:

  • Events
  • Event forms
  • Event layouts
  • forms
  • Form templates
  • Landing pages
  • Automations
  • Target groups
  • SMS campaigns
November 2023

Configuration of event tickets, registration confirmations & name cards

In the event module of the eworx Marketing Suite, it is now possible to configure personalised event tickets, registration confirmations and name cards in just a few steps. The settings stored in the event layout are used for the configuration.

In the following whitepaper, we explain how an event layout can be created and how you can easily configure event tickets, registration confirmations and name cardes with the eworx Marketing Suite.

October 2023

Resend Campaing

The resend function for email campaigns has been revised in the eworx Marketing Suite. The function has not only become clearer, it also offers you more options.

A resend can be carried out via the three-point menu in the campaign overview. This opens a new overview in which you can view the name of the campaign, the template, the dispatch type and the language of the campaign.

It is now also possible to select several recipients who are to receive the follow-up mailing. The desired recipient – which must already exist in the system – can be selected and added via the search field. Subsequently, further recipients can be selected and added.

When sending the campaign, the sending time can be selected as usual. You can select whether the campaign is to be sent immediately or at a later date.


Extensions in the media database

Duplicate check

When uploading files in the media database, there is now a duplicate check based on the file name. If a file is uploaded that has the same file name as an existing file, a warning appears. You can then decide whether to continue or cancel the download.

Uploading large images

When uploading images larger than 1 MB, a warning appears. If images larger than 5 MB are uploaded, an error message appears and the download is not possible.

In order to use as little web space as possible, we generally recommend uploading the images in the size in which they are needed.

September 2023

Placeholder for notifications in the automation

The action „Send notification“ can be selected in the automation. Notifications are mainly used to receive information (about the recipient) internally. For more information on the „Send notification“ function, see the following link.

In order to fill the notification with individual data, it is now also possible to insert form fields in addition to recipient fields and text modules. In this update, the display of the form fields has been adjusted so that they are displayed correctly in the overview.

Furthermore, it has been adapted that the size of the message window can be adjusted with the help of the triangle at the bottom right corner when using the action „Send notification“. When entering your message, you can adjust the window to your circumstances for a better overview.


Display of Yes/No fields as buttons

For Yes/No fields, the „Display Mode“ ‚Button‘ can be set for forms. With this setting, the field is displayed similar to a button. The settings (font size, font type, colours, etc.) defined under „Layout“ > „Buttons“ are adopted.

August 2023

Addition media database

The media database now also shows the creators and the check-in date of the files.
It is now also possible to sort the files within a folder according to creator or check-in date.

Form templates
In the eworx Marketing Suite there is now the possibility to create as many form templates as you like and to use them as templates for later forms.

With the form templates you not only have the possibility to adopt the design, but also the entire structure including fields, texts, settings, etc.

How exactly the creation and use of form templates works you will learn in this whitepaper.

Form editor improvements
Besides the extension of the form templates, some improvements have been made to the form editor, so that even more formatting is possible. Furthermore, the form editor has been made even more user-friendly.

the following layout options have been extended:

  • new fonts
  • width of the form is freely selectable
  • Header
    can be shown and hidden
    own image field,
    spreads across the entire width,
    Headers can contain link
  • Footer
    can be shown and hidden
    spreads across the entire width
    Headings can contain a link


Sort events by creation date
The events show when and by which user they were created. It is now also possible to sort them by creation date.


Formatting Notifications for Automation
For automations, it is possible to use the „Send Notification“ action. It is now possible to format these notifications in the workflow editor using a CK editor.


Video integration enhancement
Some newsletter templates offer the possibility to embed videos in image fields. Previously, it was only possible to include YouTube or Vimeo videos in the email campaign. In addition to these two integrations, it is now also possible to include videos from Azure Streaming in the email campaign.

Follow-up for campaign activities
Not only e-mail campaigns in the product mailworx can be forwarded, but now also campaign activities in the product events.


July 2023

Release sub events

In eworx Marketing Suite there is a possibility to create sub events in addition to ordinary events.

This feature allows to create one or more sub events in one main event.
Thus, it is possible for guests to register for different sub events. For example, this can be offered for different workshops.

June 2023

Personalization with form fields

The form fields are now available for personalization (e.g. for campaigns).

By clicking on the male symbol, a placeholder can be selected for personalization.
As already known, the „recipient fields“ and „text modules“ can be selected. Another advantage is that the „internal name“ of the field is now also displayed.

For the „Form fields“ there is now another tab available. In this tab, the respective form can be selected in which the desired „form field“ is located. Subsequently, only the desired „form field“ must be selected.


Email campaign check

When checking e-mail campaigns, the personalizations of the „form fields“ are now also checked for completeness of the data.

Überprüfung Formularfeld Personalisierung

Form Editor Enhancements

For a better overview and even easier editing of layout settings, an accordion has been introduced in the form editor.










It is now also possible to configure a hover effect for the button.
The individual setting can be used to define how the button is to be displayed during the hover effect.

May 2023

Send time optimization.

With the help of the send time optimization, the time for the dispatch of a campaign is determined individually for each recipient. The response behavior and weekly activities of the recipients are considered and conclusions are drawn from this.

In our whitepaper, we show you how you can achieve more openings, clicks and thus more success with your e-mail campaigns by optimizing the send time.

Our blog report also provides exciting information and interesting facts about the release of our send time optimization. With the help of AI, emails are automatically sent to recipients at the optimal sending time. Learn more about this innovative solution and discover how it can help you reach your target audience more effectively and increase your conversion rates.

The update has renewed the user interface. As with other modules of the eworx Marketing Suite, you will now also find a clear dashboard for the forms.

The new form statistics can be found on a separate tab next to the respective form. The form statistics offer you a quick overview. This way, you will always have important information at hand and can orient your marketing strategy to your target group.

April 2023

Extension of forms and release of form statistics

The update has renewed the user interface. As with other modules of the eworx Marketing Suite, you will now also find a clear dashboard for the forms.

The new form statistics can be found on a separate tab next to the respective form. The form statistics offer you a quick overview. This way, you will always have important information at hand and can orient your marketing strategy to your target group.

more API methods

Two new API methods have been available since mid-April:

  • DeleteCampaign
    This method allows you to remove a campaign that has not yet been sent.
  • StopCampaign
    The StopCampaign method allows you to stop the active sending of a campaign.

Adjustment of 24-hour analysis

If an A/B split test was carried out when the email campaign was sent, the period from the time the winning group was sent can be selected in the statistics for the 24-hour analysis.

Subscriber statistics

In „subscriber“ you will find the new module „Subscriber statistics“.
Here you will find the existing functionalities such as „Email activity“ or „History“. New is the functionality „Email Clients“ which is comparable to the evaluation from the „Email Statistics“.

February 2023

Friendly Captcha
For forms, the spam protection ‚Friendly Captcha‘ can be selected, which brings the following advantages:

  • User-friendly protection against spam and bots
  • Automated mechanism – so recipients don’t have to solve labeling tasks.
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Accessible, as no images or similar have to be selected

January 2023
  • Show fields in the guest list
    For events, recipient and form fields (of the registration form) can now be displayed in the guest list and filtered on these fields.


  • Campaign editor settings
    In the Campaign Editor (Edit Content), the settings for a campaign are now closed by default to improve clarity when editing.


  • Email campaign activities for events
    In events, the interface for linking and sending e-mail campaign activities has been revised.
    This gives you a clear overview when sending a campaign. As in the campaign overview in mailworx, you also have the option to select a target group. It is now also possible to check the campaign before sending it.


  • Ticket name for events
    For the calendar title, the ticket name is used instead of the event name. This is clearly visible in the event settings.


  • New filter
    A filter has been added to the overview pages of SMS campaigns, events and automations, which allows filtering on the creator.


  • Mobile preview
    The mobile preview in the campaign editor has been improved (new design). It is now also possible to scroll in the mobile preview.


  • Events
    In the tab „Participants“ of the guest list, the column „Check-In“ now shows the checked-in participants or accompanying persons per registration in PAX (Persons approximately).
    Thus, the eworx Marketing Suite user can see in the guest list whether only the participant or one or more accompanying persons have been confirmed, so that a correct number of participants is displayed.

    Attached is an example regarding the calculation of PAX:
    Recipient + 3 accompanying persons = 4 PAX
    Receptions only without accompanying person = 1 PAX