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Ranking & analysis in the mailworx statistics tool

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Ranking & analysis – identifying the best newsletters

Analyzing single email campaigns is the basis for optimizing newsletters. But comparing various campaigns and analyzing, which newsletter performs best regarding specific indicators is also worth it. Therefore, the eworx Marketing Suite statistics tool has a feature called ‚Ranking & analysis‘. Hereby you can analyze which campaigns reached the best key performance indicators within a defined time span.

In this whitepaper we give you an insight into the tool ‚Ranking & analysis‘ and show you, which opportunities of analysis it holds for you. Furthermore, you will learn how to use those analysis for future sendings.


What does the statistics of ‚Ranking & analysis‘ show?

When getting into the eworx Marketing Suite statistics tool, you find in the navigation on the left side the menu ‚Ranking & analysis‘ right under the campaign statistics. Like the whole statistics, also this area is divided by tab switchers.

You can read out the campaigns with the best opening, reading as well as click rates within a specific time span.

First, choose a time span for the newsletter delivery, that means within which time span you want to compare the campaigns‘ performances.

Ranking & Analysis

By clicking the button ‚Evaluate‘ a list with the five best campaigns within your defined time span opens. You then see the opening and click rate as well as the reading rate of the single campaigns in detail.


Right next to the KPIs you have the opportunity to identify the TOP links of your campaigns by clicking the arrow. An overview over the most clicked links in the respective campaign opens and you see the link name and the URL as well as the number of clicks on the link.

TOP Links

Which KPIs am I able to analyze?

In the statistics ‚Ranking & analysis‘ you have the opportunity to examine the campaigns of the defined time span regarding the KPIs openings, reading rate and clicks. The list shows the results of the respective indicator and you see at a glance which campaign reached the highest opening rate for example.

Furthermore, you can choose in the tabs ‚Readings‘ and ‚Clicks‘ whether you want to rank your campaigns with regard to the KPI reading rate or read-to-open rate or rather click rate or click-to-open rate.


Very useful is the comparison of target groups in the analysis ‚Ranking & analysis‘. In every single tab you can choose a target group to which you sent the newsletter and compare that one to another subscriber group.

You then see the respective KPIs of the single campaigns depending on the compared target group – which looks like that:

Comparing groups

The list now shows the two first, two second, two third,… places – under that you see the target group to which you sent the newsletter. You now see the same campaign, divided into target groups, and you can analyze which of the two target groups reached the best opening rate of the campaign for example.

Which conclusions can I draw from the analysis in ‚Ranking & analysis‘?

You can use the evaluations of the statistics area ‚Ranking & analysis‘ in order to improve your future sendings.

Imagine you determine that sendings to a specific time lead to better opening rates. In this case you should include the delivery time into your campaign planning.

The analysis of the TOP links of your ranked campaigns can also be very instructive: Links that are clicked very often show that your subscribers might be very interested in this specific topic. Have a look on the link topics and think about how you can offer more content about this topic or direct your content more to this subjects.

Comparing target groups is worth the effort, too: If you determine that respective subject newsletters go down better with one target group than they do with the other, you should offer them even more of this topic: Do you have a subscriber group that ranks lower, therefore opens or rather clicks less than other target groups, you should have a look on whether you could segment your target group even more.

With the tool ‚Ranking & analysis‘ you can analyze your email campaigns in even more detail – and create even more targeted newsletters for your subscribers.