09. März 2022

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After 20 years: eworx Marketing Suite replaces mailworx

Ein Beitrag von Franziska Strobl

This is a sentimental moment. We look back at the birth hour of our software and register: mailworx became big in the past 20 years! It developped and surpassed itself, gave everything to become better and better. Some day it was really good at email marketing and attended the best finesses. But that was not enough.

mailworx was more than only an email marketing software the past years. The eworx Marketing Suite was to some extent the next logical mile stone of a continuous development, that won’t stop after this release. In the first step the proven tools and features get a modern digital home. 

eworx Marketing Suite: More space for digital marketing

The various tools and features that mailworx offered you made space rare in the old system. What was composed in little space until now gets more room to get the right effect. Next to email marketing also other subjects of digital marketing get into focus and do not only get attention besides. By that we mean the areas events (event communication) as well as messaging (SMS campaigns), that we have in our portfolio for a certain time and are approved in usage. 

Additionally to the three products – mailworx, messaging & events – approved modules like automation, subscriber dashboard, forms, statistics as well as landingpages come to work. The modular architecture of the system holds the benefits for users that they can match the Suite to their needs and are even able to extend it. The same principle is also with the system architecture that has been concipated as well as written completely from the bottom. Much work for our engineers which is on the other hand rewarded with a faster system that is open for all changes – now and in the future. 

The dashboard: quick entry and user defined overview 

The dashboard appears first after each entry into the system. It was one of the things we focused on in this development step as we want to offer various functions in the Marketing Suite but also want to reduce the complexity for the user to the bare minimum. Essentially all parts (products and modules) of the suite can be reached over the dashboard. You can create new elements out of the overview as well as navigate to statistics and campaign lists via the dashboard. 

Structure of the dashboard


(1) On the left-hand you find the navigation where you can switch between the single products. If you only use mailworx, the navigation is reduced to that. Here you find direct access into the media database.

(2) Within the dashboard the subnavigation allows a quick entry to the single modules. As they can be used overall, they wandered into an overall area (until now they could be found under email campaigns).

(3) All elements can be created directly out of this overview. The activities possible are the result of the products that are part of your abo on the one hand as well as the rights of the respective user on the other hand.

(4) The last actions that are shown in the left area are all actions of all users in the respective client. You can not only see the progress of the single actions but you have also the possibility to access directly where you stopped working.

(5) A user-defined overview over email campaigns as well as SMS campaigns or events can be found on the right-hand side. 

(6) In this overview you can see the four assets that has been uploaded last by a user of the client into the media database

(7) Via these symbols you can change quickly to the campaign statistics or rather the list overview of all campaigns (or events). 

(8) The administration area has been hidden by purpose. You can further on find it via the drop-down menu under your user. 

(9) Also the search across the system is further on in the top navigation. 

The products: Reach your audience ideally 

„There are much more ways to reach people“, was the thought and the first step towards the eworx Marketing Suite. Email, SMS and events are the perfect tripple as it also matters how to transmit a message. 

#1 mailworx email marketing 

Email marketing on the large and on the small stage. Emails are indispensable in today’s communication as they fulfill their purpose reliable and are really adaptable. The opportunitites of using the medium are various – newsletters are used for building as well as maintaining customer relationships, for strengthening the brand image or to force sales. Some imforme via a quarterly newsletter, others daily. 

mailworx becomes part of the eworx Marketing Suite

mailworx takes account of this variaty that also affects the needs of the users. Basis users that only work sporadic with mailworx love the easy-to-use editor. Advanced users appreciate combining the various modules and its possibilities – from automated welcome series over surveys to detailed statistics. 

Clean navigation 

Who worked with mailworx already will determine that the navigation became slimmer within this area. Forms, landingpages and the media database moved to the overall area. Shared content is limited to email campaigns and can therefore be found under mailworx. The email campaigns statistics can not only be reached via the dashboard but also in the mailworx navigation. 

#2 messaging SMS campaigns

Effective combination for targeted marketing. Reach your subscribers with the matching medium in order to reach them. Use email as well as SMS together and choose the more effective format depending on purpose and message. With messaging, the SMS marketing tool within the eworx Marketing Suite, you can reach your clients fast and easy. messaging is built like mailworx basically: You can create a new campaign or edit an existing one. Sender branding, different opportunities of personalization (for example for birthday SMS or voucher campaigns) and SMS campaign statistics as well as more functions that can be used within this area. 

#3 events event communication 

From digital marketing to live events. Events are a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship to your customers or to get new contacts. With events you can handle the communication around the event, manage guest as well as waiting lists and use the simple entry control via QR-code. 

The modules: Tools for various marketing activities 

Within the eworx Marketing Suite you have access to five system-across modules that you can access from the different areas. For example you find the subscriber module within mailworx as well as in the areas of messaging and events. 


As you already know from mailworx you can also create workflows within the marketing suite in order to ease your work. Automations are possible over the whole system – you can create workflows for email campaigns, like (individual) trigger mails, automations in combination with an event or for example create vouchers automatically via SMS. 


In the module Subscribers you find a dashboard with all your subscribers – over all modules and products. Under ‚Subscribers‘ you find your newsletter as well as SMS subscribers and can manage them centrally in one place and can create text components, subscriber fields as well as target groups. When searching for a subscriber it will be searched over the whole subscriber database – no matter via which product you enter the subscriber dashboard. 


You know this module from mailworx, too. Over the whole Marketing Suite you can create forms in order to make the registration for your newsletter possible for example or to let people register for your event. 


How effective have the different marketing measures been? Do some subscribers react more to email or SMS? With the statistics module you get to know. The email campaign statistics is as powerful as before and makes fast evaluation as well as deep analysis possible. 


In the module landingpages you have the possibility to create target groups that you need for different campaigns and forms like confirmation pages for event or newsletter registration. 

You have questions? You are new to our site and would like to get to know the eworx Marketing Suite? Or you already used mailworx and want to test the other tools as well? We are pleased to hear from you! 


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