If you are sending various newsletters on a regular basis that are similar in structure as well as subject, you surely want to leave a unified picture on your subscribers. However, on stressful working days we do not have the time to look at ‘old’ newsletters in order to call their structure and design to mind. The release of mailworx 10 holds a new feature ready for you that saves you that effort and supports you in occurring consistent in your subscriber’s mailbox. In this blog article, we want to introduce five tips of reasonably using default values for your email campaigns.

#1 Info mailing to customers

You weekly inform your recipients about a special subject? It makes no sense to create similar structured newsletters every single time, especially when they are sent in such a short interval of time. Maybe you simply copied your campaigns so far in order to keep consistency. But, by doing that you had to delete newsletter sections and insert the adjusted content every single time.

Using default values, you can easily define which sections you need for your regular info newsletter and which content you want to use again and again. You can set as standard for your future info emails that you want to include a blog article in each campaign on the respective subject for example.

#2 Voucher mailings

Let it be supposed that you have an online shop for clothes. Once in a month you send a voucher to your core customers in order to thank them for their loyalty. Of course, you want the clients to recognize that the voucher is for your online shop. This is why you want to ensure a unified picture.

In mailworx you now can set content as well as structure of the voucher newsletter as standard and you simply have to change single phrases. This makes sure that your mailings always have the same structure and design – with little effort – and that they are recognized by your subscribers immediately.

#3 Internal newsletters

Especially bigger companies inform their employees about changes or news via newsletter. It is useful that this kind of mails is structured the same way every time in order to ensure consistency in your colleague’s inbox.

Let’s say you honor a colleague for his or her special engagement in your company once a month: This section then is a fixed part in your internal mailing and it makes sense to set this section as default for future employee’s emails so that you don’t have to insert it manually every single time.

#4 Product presentation

Let’s suppose again you are an online shop owner for clothing. Of course, you want to inform your (potential) customers about what’s new in your shop on a regular basis in order to drive sales.

Those mailings are structured the same every time. However, in this case it also makes sense to link to your shop. You can even set such settings as standard for further similar campaigns so that you don’t have to do them every single time again.

#5 Event newsletter

Organizing events is your core business? Or you are offering seminars or something like that on a regular basis? Of course, you want to deliver all the relevant information about the events to your customers.

Surely, those newsletters would look like more or less the same or at least would be structured the same every time. Let’s say you insert a countdown for the event in each mail. This section can be set as standard for the next mailing for an upcoming event. It saves you the effort of implementing the countdown each time again in your newsletter.

As you can see, the standard values feature is another mailworx tool that supports you in order to reach your email marketing goals. We gathered all information on how you can define default values and which other settings are important in that case, in a whitepaper. Use standard values for your mailings and save precious time when creating newsletters with mailworx.

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