The release of mailworx 9.5.2 holds various new features for you. We improved the subscriber dashboard so that you can analyze your subscribers via an email client statistics. You now can see in the dashboard, which clients your subscribers use most to open your emails and if these are desktop or mobile devices. We also listed all mail clients your subscribers use in order to open and read your mailings as well as a ranking to show you your subscriber’s top 3 clients. Furthermore, you now have the opportunity to test your campaigns on different clients, both in the desktop and in the mobile version.

In this article, we summarized which advantages email client statistics hold for you and why this information are important for your email campaigns.

Increasing use of mobile clients

People open and read emails more and more on mobile devices. However, many marketers underestimate this fact and ignore the mobile approach when it comes to email marketing strategy – and so this potential is fully unused. In this context, it is useful to use a so-called responsive design. Thereby the mails are created in a way that form and size of the content adapt automatically to the used device.

Presentation differs in the various mail clients

Not only mobile vs. desktop shows huge differences in the presentation of the emails, but also the different mail clients show content in a different way. This is because the rendering varies from client to client which leads to the fact that one and the same newsletter looks different depending on the client used.

Because there is no standard for emails, the design of the mailings is important. Each client reads out html-format differently and shows it in their own way. Therefore, Outlook may present your email different from Gmail for example. For this reason, it is important and useful to test mails before dispatch on the various clients your subscribers are using. The new subscriber dashboard of mailworx helps you with an overview of every single one of your subscriber’s clients.

Moreover, there are components depending on the email client which therefore should be taken into account when it comes to creating and designing mailings. These components already play an important role when it comes to creating a newsletter template. Our mailworx service crew is testing templates they created by themselves on all common clients in order to guarantee an optimal presentation.

Components you should particularly watch out for

#1: layout

We talked about responsive design before. Especially the devices used effect the creation of the layout. If most of your customers open your mailings on mobile devices, you should work with a single-column layout because of the lack of space. In general, you should shorten your content and use smaller images if the majority of your subscribers read the newsletter on their smartphones.

#2: text and font

Regarding the text of the mailing, there are also differences in the presentation depending on the email client. The actual shown size of the text cannot be influenced by the layout you chose, but depends decisively on the client used, and so text content needs a different amount of space in each client. Our tip is, shorten your texts, use so-called teasers and link them to your website for further imformation.

The same applies for fonts. Not every client, like Outlook for example, supports purchased fonts. So that the presentation of your font is not left to chance, you should define a fallback font that looks similar to the other one. The web version of your newsletter shows the correct font, anyway.

#3: media

Not all email clients support the use of media like background images, videos or animated GIFs. In order to guarantee a fast loading of the pictures you should also consider their size. Some clients do not show big media data, some of your customers may have activated an image blocker. This is why you should make sure to tag your pictures with alt-texts so that each one of your subscriber knows, what should be shown on the picture, no matter if they see it or not. In order to ensure that every one of your subscribers gets the information the way you want them to, you should neither place important information nor call-to-actions in images, but only in the text of your mail.

You should test your mailings before dispatch on all email clients your subscribers are using, in order to ensure the optimal presentation of your mails, regardless of the client used. It also makes sense to optimize your newsletter to the client the majority of your subscriber is using. mailworx shows you in a clear dashboard, which client your subscribers use most, furthermore the top 3 clients are listed. You should at least test your mailings on that ones.

We gathered the tips and tricks for an optimal presenation of your email in all clients at a glance for you:

  • Integrate a link for your subscribers to click on in order to view the mail in the web version
  • Integrate alt-texts to your pictures so that all of your subscribers know what is shown
  • Integrate a preview header that supports your subject so that you gain the regard of your subscribers even before they open your mail
  • Always bear the most important email clients in mind when creating a campaign
  • Always think of the subscribers that open your mailings on a mobile device
  • Create a simple text version of your email. This one will always be shown in a correct way, regardless of the client used
  • Ensuring an optimal presentation on all clients means: testing, testing, testing!

The email client statistics of mailworx helps you to better aim your mailings at your subscribers and to improve user experience. Despite that, you increase your subscriber’s engagement as well as opening and click rates and conversions.

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