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Good newsletter examples as a source of inspiration

Newsletter examples

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Dark mode

Dark Mode 

When designing your newsletter you should pay attention in order to avoid major mistakes in dark mode. Nowadays it is often predefined as a standard setting.

Ways to optimize your newsletter template for dark mode

  • E-Mail design remains unaffected by dark mode

  • Partial color reversal

  • Full color conversion

    Newsletter filling

    • Cropped images instead of white backgrounds

    • Outline or highlight on logos and elements

    • Sufficient margin for pictures


    Interactive newsletters

    Interactive newsletters 

    Interactive newsletters are a trend in email marketing that can give you a competitive edge. They shorten the path to the conversation and increase the attention.

    Examples of interactive elements

    • Slider

    • Picture carousel

    • Countdown

    • Burger menu

    • Accordion

    Increase engagement and customer loyalty

    • Personalized videos

    • Animated image sequences

      Newsletter templates - mobile

      Newsletter templates – mobile 

      Do your recipients mostly open them on mobile devices? Then your newsletter should be optimally adapted to these requirements in order to be convincing.

      Advantages of mobile newsletter templates

      • More and more recipients are opening their emails on mobile devices

      • Increasing the chances of success

      Important points related to the layout

      • Good optimization

      • Fluid layout

      • Simple and clear structure

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      Newsletter content

      Well entertained

      Well entertained: How newsletters become a long-running hit.

      In newsletter marketing it is often important to entertain people in order to make the gray everyday life a little more colourful.


        • Memes or quotes

        • Link collection

        • Number of the month

        • Product highlights and deals

        Content recycling

        Content recycling: Sustainable development of content

        Content recycling stands for the reuse of existing content. The development of content is a never-ending cycle.

        What to look out for

        • Analyze competitors and customers

        • Responses measure and draw conclusions

        • Derive learnings and improve basics


        Symbols in the subject line attract attention

        Using symbols as eye-catchers draws attention, arouses curiosity and conveys emotions. In addition to the subject line, you can also use the emojis in the newsletter itself.

        What needs to be considered

        • The clients of the recipients

        • The industry and target group as well as the topic of the newsletter

        • The meaning of the respective emojis

        Right content

        Right content for the right people

        Prepare your content in such a way that it arouses the interest of your readers.

        • Set a content goal

        • Get to know the target group

        • Create engaging content

        • Tell the readers what to do

        Top 7 tips for email content

        • Write irresistible subject lines & bet on the preview line

        • Engage in dialogue with your recipients

        • Convey urgency

        • Take advantage of psychology

        • Rely on incentives

        • Personalized content is queen