Subscribers are the most important component in email marketing. Get all the tips for an ideal address management.

Build your
subscriber base

Our subscriber management is very flexible. You can add new subscriber fields in the database whenever it is required. Learn more on how to import an email list and creating your online registration form.


Subscribers are the most important assets for successful newsletter marketing. In this whitepaper, we've summarized the key elements to manage your subscribers in mailworx.

Dashboard for perfect overview

Keep track of your subscribers - the subscriber dashboard is there to help. Important information about your subscriber base is summarized and displayed in a clear dashboard.

Segment your email list

In this whitepaper you learn more about subscriber groups, email list segmentation and about how to send target-group-specific email campaigns with mailworx.

Eliminate duplicates

High-quality subscriber data is the base for a successful email campaign. Therefore it is necessary to keep your data updated. Learn more about duplicate administration.

Manage email bounces

In this guide we want to talk about handling email bounces, types of bounces, bounce limits and the things you can do for a better data quality.


We've summarized everything about the double-opt-in status as well as the standard double-opt-in process from mailworx in this whitepaper.

GDPR-compliant unsubscription

mailworx offers you two different options to handle the unsubscription of your subscribers - learn more about these in this whitepaper.

Facebook leads
in mailworx

Combine the benefits of Facebook Lead Ads and email marketing with mailworx to turn your generated leads easily to paying customers.


Create newsletter quickly and easy - learn more about the most important functions for designing successful campaigns.

Create beautiful email campaigns

This tutorial gives you an idea of how simple it is to create email campaigns with the mailworx editor. See our whitepaper for very detailed step-by-step instructions.

Personalization in email marketing

Personalization is a key factor to your success in email marketing. With this whitepaper you'll learn the basics of personalization based on text components.

Dynamic content &

Stick out of the media jungle by providing individual content for each of your subscribers. Learn how easy it is and improve the quality of your newsletters!

The importance of links

There is more than just one reason, why you should use links in newsletter. This tutorial is all about link types and how to use them in your campaigns.

Successful with A/B testing

A/B testing is an effective way to maximize the newsletter opening rate and click rate. Read the following paper to learn more about testing your campaigns.

Basic trigger mails

By creating event dependent email marketing campaigns, you can reach your customers with targeted information time-controlled and event-driven.

Customized trigger mails

Trigger mails achieve above-average opening and click rates, and they are also veritable sales drivers and an ideal item for maintaining customer relationships.

Animated GIFs

Loosen up your email marketing campaigns with animated GIFs in order to get the attention of your subscribers. In this guide, we'll show you how.

High-resolution images

Through the use of high-resolution images, you provide your recipients with high-quality picture elements in your email marketing campaigns.

Default settings

Reach your goals faster using default values. We show you how to create and re-use templates for future campaigns with this feature.


Learn more about the most important key figures in email marketing, how they are calculated and be improved in the long run.

Analyzing email statistics

Statistics are an essential part of a successful email marketing. Learn how to interpret it and estimate your performance! We show you how!

Anonymized statistic

Decide for yourself whether you want to anonymize the entire statistics in your system or let your subscribers decide on the anonymization of their behavior.

Checklist for analysis

Download our free template for email marketing analysis including a checklist with key questions to help you improve your email performance.


Forms have many fields of application - generating subscribers or creating surveys are just two examples.

Forms for your email marketing

There is a huge operation area for forms in email marketing. Learn more on how to create and use forms for your successful newsletter campaigns.

Event management

How to use the mailworx event management add-on as a handy tool for event management.

Event management tool

Combine email marketing and your event marketing to be more efficient. The module for event management is available as add-on for the professional and premium plan.

Marketing automation

How does email marketing work with the mailworx workflow editor? We show you all important functions.

mailworx workflow editor

Marketing automation is the sure road to success and neither has to be complicated, nor expensive. Our workflow editor makes it easy to set up and automate your campaigns and reach your goals.

Double-opt-in process

We've summarized everything about the double-opt-in status as well as the standard double-opt-in process from mailworx in this whitepaper - you will use our efficient workflow editor for that.

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