You want to send stunning campaigns to engage your subscribers? Marketing automation is the sure road to success and neither has to complicated, nor expensive. Our workflow editor makes it easy to set up and automate your campaigns and reach your ambitious goals.

Marketing automation

Turn your subscribers into customers

Attracting leads is one thing, converting them into customers another. Most of them won't be willing to buy until you've managed to build confidence. Marketing automation helps you to continuously inspire confidence!

Closer to your customers, closer to your goals

Our marketing automation tool helps you to understand your customers better and to establish close and strong business relationships. Marketing automation is the key to email marketing with personality and relevant content!

Excite the masses with individuality

No matter how big your customer base is or how big you still want it to grow, one is for sure: Each of them wants to be treated as an individual. Our marketing automation tool makes this incredible challenge manageable.

Set up and automate your campaigns in no time

Oil the wheels of your marketing and sales machine: our marketing automation tool helps you to reduce the complexity of your processes and to surely clear the way for your team who wants to drive sales!

Workflows that work for you

mailworx is there for you 24/7 and cares for your customers even when you're already enjoying your evening. Automate your campaigns and make sure your customers are provided with the information they need.

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Our workflow editor offers everything you need to attract, target and connect, build long-lasting relationships and drive sales!

The mailworx workflow editor

In the mailworx workflow editor you are working with different elements: Next to triggers, which initiate an automated workflow, there are filter elements in order to tie certain conditions to an action.


Triggers for your workflow can be various events in order to initiate all imaginable scenarios.


It is possible to create multilevel campaigns. These take the reactions of your subscriber into account.


Decide yourself, which information your subscribers should get with filters that set targeted actions.

Marketing automation: Best practice

Email marketing automation is an intelligent, automated dialogue with leads and customers supported by modern technology and software. Marketing automation is there to deepen the communication between humans, it should not replace it. With these best practices we show you the opportunity of the mailworx workflow editor in order to automate your campaigns.

Standard double-opt-in process

Consent is the basis for legally compliant email marketing. Personal data should only be processed for the avertising purpose with the prior consent of the recipient. If in doubt, you must also be able to prove this consent. That's where the double-opt-in process comes into play.

As part of the workflow editor, mailworx provides you a standard double-opt-in process that you can use to sign up for your newsletter. Inform now & start right away!

Cross- & upselling campaigns

Happy customers keep coming back. They are keen to buy, but - unfortunately - we neglect relationships instead of keeping in touch and letting them know about new offers.

Use follow-up campaigns in email marketing for setting senseful actions based on the reaction of your customers: Unlock cross- and upselling potential by sending product recommendations after purchases or offer free services to excite curiousity for paid services! By doing this, you will be able to convert your leads into customers or to bind them to your company in the long term.

Re-engage your subscribers

You have the feeling that some of your subscribers are out of range because they hardly ever react to your emails or give you the cold-shoulder?

Then it is time to come closer and to warm your audience up! Create your re-engagement campaign in several steps and don't surrender to early.

Rewarding customer relationships

Use the workflow editor to optimize the communication with your customers. This leads to higher opening and click-through-rates, which increases the chance for higher revenues. It also holds the opportunity to develop strong relationships across the customer life cycle.

More time for what's important

Automating your email campaigns will save you plenty of time, because it makes complex processes manageable and easy to adopt. This helps you understand your customers better, learn from their behavior and respect their needs which in turn will earn you their respect.

No extra

Whether you want to reproduce ten or hundreds of different scenarios with the workflow editor, as a mailworx customer you will not incur any additional costs! Marketing automation also helps you save money, because it ensures efficiency in your company.

Convince yourself and get to know our professional email marketing software with all its advantages.

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