iRated® is the artificial intelligence in email marketing and supports you in achieving your individual email marketing goals - fully automatically. The technology is your self-learning system that knows the interests of your recipients and sorts the newsletter content individual for each subscriber.

Innovative iRated® Technology for intelligent email marketing

Highest relevance thanks to innovative iRated® Technology

As everyone knows, the level on which you meet your subscribers' interests has a high impact on the success of your newsletter. The iRated® Technology focuses on this and learns more and more about your customers.

The artificial intelligence in mailworx sorts the content of your newsletter for each subscriber based on his or her individual interests.

Take advantage

You always want to be one step ahead? The iRated® Technology is the artificial intelligence for your email marketing no one else has!

Get maximum attention

Support your subscribers' individuality with iRated®! They will appreciate that you pay attention to their interests and reward you with their total engagement.

Multiply clickrates

The more precisely you meet the interests of your subscribers, the more you can increase the performance of your email campaigns!

Increase sales

Once you start sending relevant emails with iRated®, this will open up higher revenues. With the personalized offers your readers will be itching to catch them.

Individuality rules

Nobody wants to be treated as one among others. Each subscriber is someone special! Give your individual emails the final touch with iRated®!

Lean back and relax

iRated® is an auto-adaptive algorithm that considers the subscriber's behavior when reading your email. Just press the iRated® button - the rest will run automatically.

Convince yourself and get to know our professional email marketing software with all its advantages.

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