We take the security of your data seriously. This is why we care for the protection of your data as well as for the protection of your customers' data. Because newsletter should not only arrive good, but espeically secure in your subscriber's inbox.

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We not only care for your data, but also have a look that your client's data are optimally protected. We take care of that by offering GDPR-compliant newsletter marketing and server location in Austria.

mailworx & the GDPR

mailworx and the General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25th 2018, the pan-European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) came into force, with the goal to protect personal data of natural persons. The new EU-wide consistent regulation should give EU citizens control over their data and should show companies their responsibility in relation to the processing of personal data. Personal data are for example name, email address, postal address or date of birth - therefore the EU-GDPR affects your company, too!

In order to support you in this important topic as good as possible, we prepared a practical guide that helps you to put the GDPR into practice. But we also want to point out that our content does not replace any legal advice. You should get in touch with your lawyer in order to legally clarify the needs for your individual circumstances.

Your questions
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How does the GDPR affect my email marketing?

The EU-GDPR has a high impact on the topic email marketing because effective newsletter marketing does not get along without any personal data. Email marketing usually handles a lot of personal data, for example name, email address, date of birth or IP-addresses. But also every reaction, meaning the whole opening, reading and clicking behavior falls withing the concept of personal data. Therefore it is important to make oneself comfortable with the topic GDPR and to care for data protection.

Whom am I allowed to send commercial emails?

Commercial emails in general may be sent to those subscribers that have provided their consent for getting those emails. For being 100% legally conform, you should really stick to that. If and under which circumstances it is allowed to send emails to subscribers, which have any contractual relation with you (for example clients, partners, etc.), you better reach out for legal advice.

We recommend you: In order to be 100% legally safe, you should get the consent directly from your subscriber via Double-opt-in. So you have the consent saved directly in your email marketing system and are able to prove it easy as well as fast in case of doubt.

How do I deal with existing data?

Check, from which of your existing subscribers you already have the consent for sending them newsletters. Those subscribers that already gave you their consent legally conform, may get your emails further on. For those subscribers that you do not have documented their explicit consent - neither in your email marketing system, nor externally (for example via contract, signature etc.) - we recommend to invite their consent in retrospect directly from your subscriber via Double-opt-in.

Take the opportunity of the EU-GDPR in order to build a high-quality data base.

What should I watch out for when collecting new data?

Busy yourself with the sources of your subscribers. There are a few possibilities how a new subscriber can get into your data base. Think of an import for example, the classical forms or integrations to an external system. Check in this connection for all sources, how you get the consent of your subscribers and how you can document this.

A valid consent also requires that the subscriber of your newsletter has been informed that his data will be stored as well as managed. Integrate this information into the data policy of your website for example.

We gathered in a whitepaper, which areas you should watch out for when it comes to registrate new subscriber data.

What should I watch out for when signing on new subscribers?

Your subscribers as per EU-GDPR have the right to take back their consent whenever they want to. Integrate in all of your sendings an "Unsubscribe"-button, so your subscribers can directly use their right.

The revocation of the consent means that the data of your subscribers must no longer be used for sending newsletters. That means that the further processing of the subscriber's data in the email marketing system - even if the subscriber is unsubscribed - is no longer legal.

In mailworx we provide you a GDPR-compliant unsubscription - thereby you don't have to think of deletion of unsubscribed readers.


mailworx has the so-called Double-opt-in process by default. Thereby we make sure that everyone of your new subscribers gets through this process and has to confirm the subscription to your newsletter.

GDPR conform

In order to send your newsletters legally safe, you should get the consent of your subscribers - via Double-opt-in process. You should also only send your newsletter to subscribers you have the confirmation of.

date protection regulations

We highly care for the security of your data. If you subscribed to the mailworx newsletter, you have the right to unsubscribe to any time, the relevant button is placed in the footer of every e-news edition.

server location

The storage of our data takes places in our local computer center in Linz, Upper Austria. We use highly modern technology and our server location in the European Union guarantees highest security for your data.

Play it safe

In order to guarantee the security of our software in a transparent way, we let check the security via Security Audit within external check-ups on a regular basis. You can ask for the latest Security Audit report. Please send your questions round about the topic data security via mail to service@eworx.at.

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