Which trends in email marketing are worth knowing in 2020? Here you can find the most popular topics and technologies on the rise. However, it is much more important to us to provide you with practical solutions. Because what is the benefit of a trend if its implementation fails?

So, here are some tips on how to easily use these technologies for your email marketing.

Trend or evergreen? The great variability of emails

Email is the dinosaur among the communication channels, but even the meteoric impact of social media platforms has not threatened its existence. Not at all! Emails are indispensable in today’s communication, because they reliably serve their purpose and are extremely adaptable.

Even decisive event, such as the commencement of the GDPR, do not really pose a threat. They provide a direction in which we should move with professional email marketing anyway. It is about gaining and maintaining the trust of the recipients. This includes the careful handling of personal data as well as the obligation to make the greatest effort to earn this trust.

With all the trends that we want to present to you today, you should always have your recipients in mind!

#1 The person behind data counts

Data Mining, Targeted Automation – some terms that are used to identify trends can be somewhat misleading. They give the impression that people are a moving target and data about them is more important than what it tells about them.

In reality, it is not a question of hamstering data, but of seeing the customer as an individual and treating him that way. In times when digital communication is increasingly replacing personal conversation, it is particularly important to pay attention to the personalization of the content. The following ideas and functions can help you with this.

Personalization of content

mailworx has been dedicated to the topic of personalization for a long time, and it is still considered a trend. Dynamic content in combination with static or dynamic target groups is an easy way to tailor a newsletter to the personal interests of your recipients. The subscriber dashboard offers you an ideal overview and can be expanded with further views (e.g. an overview of the most popular topics).

Also, the number of functions that allow you to integrate personalized content in your newsletters is constantly growing. In the past year, we have created the possibility, among other things, of using personalized videos for your email marketing.

Relevance of content

Ideally, your emails should also take the context into account – the way how the subscriber is connected with your company. Where is the subscriber in the customer journey? What other points of contact are there? All of this information can flow into your email marketing. How?

The best way to do this is to automate email campaigns that are triggered based on certain actions or events. mailworx enables you to create simple trigger emails as well as extensive workflows. A common application is the legally compliant processing of newsletter registrations – mailworx even provides you with an automated standard process for this.

The connection of your email marketing to other systems (e.g. CRM) can serve as the ideal basis for providing your recipients with really relevant content. mailworx supports you with the proper interface and the following integration packages.

# 2 A great user experience creates loyalty

Even if you don’t have the resources to follow every trend, your recipients will notice if do your best. A great user experience can have different causes. Perhaps you will be able to offer users special added value through your content. Or your emails perfectly entertain your recipients.

Interactive newsletters

The trend of interactive emails offers a lot of possibilities to excite your subscribers. mailworx provides you with interactive elements in the form of newsletter sections that you only have to add to your email campaigns. Here is an overview.

Optimizing the design

The adaptation of the content to the end device also plays a major role. mailworx supports you on the technical side with the mobile-first and desktop-first approach with email templates that adapt as best as possible to the circumstances of the respective email programs.

But think the topic in broader terms: It’s not just about mobile optimization and responsive design, but generally about the accessibility of the content. This also applies to the editing. Also note details such as the labelling of the buttons. What works best? For desktop users, this may be a long call-to-action for mobile users, just a single word.

# 3 Efficiency is always en vogue

The declared aim of the mailworx team is to offer you a great user experience – not only speaking about our e-news, but also about our email marketing software. We continuously pursue this goal. This is the reason why we are particularly looking forward to the next version of mailworx, which will appear at the end of January. We not only want to score with the new look, but also with optimal user-friendliness and some new functions that further simplify the creation of newsletters.

Save time with default values

You don’t want to start from scratch with every newsletter? So far, you may have copied existing email campaigns to get it ready faster. In the future, it will be possible to adopt emails as standard and reuse them as master. You can include articles that already have pictures, text and links, but also empty articles that only need to be filled. The default values ​​not only make them faster to create, they also ensure consistency in structure.

Tip: For single articles that need to be used in more than one campaign (e.g. sliders of an advertising campaign), it is best to use the function of the common content.

Cross-system search

To help you find the content you are looking for even faster, we have expanded the search function of mailworx. This means that you can find all of the related campaigns, target groups, forms, landing pages and recipients using a search term and navigate to the relevant element with a click.

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