Creating newsletters is easier said than done. We all know from our own personal experience how it is to be spammed with emails we are not interested in at all. The logical consequence of that is that the recipient unsubscribes from the newsletter or – what is even worse – reports the sender as spam. In order to protect you as an email marketer from that, we gathered all our tips for creating newsletters in this blogpost.

Know your target group

Before you know which content you want to send in your newsletters, you have to know who will get your emails. Who is subscribing for your newsletter? Who is interested in your content? Also in email marketing it is appropriate to define so-called Buyer Personas (maybe you know this term for an exemplary customer from Content Marketing) in order to know how to prepare your content.

In this context, the Customer Journey also plays an important role: In which stadium are the interested parties when reading your newsletter, in which step do they subscribe to your mailings? Which problems do they have? Only if you consider these aspects, you can deliver the right content to the right time. Because it makes no sense to send a voucher for the first purchase in your online shop to an existing customer.

Summarized that means you should put yourself in the shoes of your potential subscriber. Try to understand what he or she expects from you and your company and fulfill this expectations as good as possible. Only if you know to whom and why you send newsletters, you can set the appropriate content.

Set yourself clear targets

What do you want to reach with your newsletter? What is the aim that you want to reach with your email marketing? Do you want to generate more traffic on your website, do you want to win your client’s confidence so that they see you as an expert on your topic, do you want to enthuse new customers or rather bind existing ones?

If you clearly know the aim of your email marketing strategy, you can optimize your newsletters. This will also ease analyzing your key figures, because you will know exactly what to measure and which KPIs are the most important ones for you.

Keep your subscribers in mind

Consider that your newsletter subscribers trade their personal data like email address, first and surname for relevant content in your mailings.

As we are talking about personal data: The EU-GDPR is still a current topic. Never – really never – do send emails without the permission of your subscriber. In addition, never use purchased email addresses because this has a negative influence on your sender and email providers may report you as spam.

Deliver interesting and relevant content

Subscribing to a newsletter, one expects that this holds an added value ready and that the content is personally relevant. To make sure that the content is wrapped up well, you should keep your newsletters short, especially in the B2B sector. Use teasers to recent blogposts and link to your blog so that your recipients have the opportunity to inform themselves in more depth. In the B2C sector, you can use storytelling for your content. However, make sure that your content is still relevant and still centers on the subject.

Put the most relevant content to the beginning of your mailing in order to show your subscriber what they can expect. In mailworx, you can use the iRated® Technology in that context: This intelligent algorithm sorts the newsletter sections based on the personal interests of the respective subscriber.

Structure your content well in order to support the reading flow. Offer tips and tricks to your readers and use numbers as well as enumerations to structure the topics. Use segmentation to restrict newsletter sections for certain target groups or offer different newsletter types to the different subjects.

Note the basics

Do not forget the basics: Did you adapt the subject line? mailworx supports you with useful features like A/B testing or text components for personalisation. Also, consider the pre-header as this functions as extension of the subject line.

Always keep in mind that the newsletter is part of the Corporate Identity of your company: Integrate the Corporate Colors as well as your logo in your emails.

In addition, the Responsive Design is a basic: Make sure that your emails are displayed optimally on every device. If you are sending your newsletters with mailworx, you get a desktop as well as mobile preview of your campaign in the campaign editor and in the overview of the respective email campaign. Always send yourself a test mail of the campaign in order to make sure that the mail is displayed correctly on the respective device as well as email client.

Test, test, test

There is no patent remedy in email marketing. Our tips should support you and guide you the right way. In order to find out what works best for you, you simply have to test over and over again. Especially the email statistics play an important role and you should consider the results in every single mailing.

mailworx offers the right tools for creating campaigns, additionally our Service Crew is there to support you in email marketing topics. Now you are perfectly equipped and nothing else can stand in your way for a successful email marketing strategy.

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