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Make your subject line to an eye-catcher
Pictures and icons are attracting attention, so use this opportunity to get your subscribers’ attention with an icon in the subject line in order to enhance better performances. In mailworx, you can not only provide an attractive subject, but also pimp it with additional icons to get the ideal eye-catcher for your campaigns. Romp around and include the appropriate icons for your specific topic. This is making your newsletter even more attractive to your recipients.

It’s easy and we will show you how:
You can find a selection of symbols, for example, in the Word symbol list or other office programs. In addition, the web is full of these icons.

Here is a short instruction for inserting the symbols:

  • Select the symbol you want to add
  • Copy it to the clipboard by using the shortcut CTRL + C
  • Insert the symbol with CTRL + V at the desired place in your subject line
  • The symbol is immediately visible

You want to play it safe?
Send yourself a test mail and make sure your subject line looks the best. The icons are supported by most email programs, but may look different depending on the used email client.

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