Subscribers are the most important assets for successful newsletter campaigns. Without the corresponding data of your recipients, you cannot reach the desired target group through targeted email activities. In addition to the important basis – the management of this data – you also get exciting insights into your subscriber base, if you look closer at the data of your recipients.

We are there to help you and implemented something great, in order to support you even better in these processes. We have removed our simple subscriber list and placed a helpful dashboard instead. In addition to the usual insights, you also get an important overview of the statistics directly from your subscriber base. However, let’s start from the beginning of our journey through the new subscriber module of mailworx.

Getting started: Subscribers – Subscribers

Use the mailworx navigation to switch to Subscribers – Subscribers and the new dashboard appears. Can you still remember the previous version of this page? Yes, exactly: The site consisted of a simple subscriber list. From now on, you will get more out of your subscriber base. The new subscriber dashboard gives you the perfect overview of your recipients.

Anyone who misses the simple subscriber list? Select the desired subscriber group in the section “Subscriber list” and click on the “Show subscribers” button – voilà – your subscriber list will be displayed. However, even in this area we could not resist to make improvements. In the optimized table view in the upper right corner, you have the possibility to save the displayed subscribers in a group, to export the list or to display and rearrange various columns.

Get to know your subscribers

Switch to the detailed view of a subscriber and you will get a better overview of the appropriate data now. In addition to the classic master data of your subscriber, you also see directly whether or not your contact is an effective recipient. If so, the subscriber actually receives emails from you. Furthermore, you will also get to see various statistics, like the number of received campaigns, how actively the subscriber is interacting and when the last activity took place.

In order to take directly an action out of the gained information, we have summarized some possibilities for you in the section “Actions“. You can insert the subscriber in a chosen group, discover the current subscriber groups of a recipient, initiate the double-opt-in process or send an email campaign.

We also collected an overview of your subscriber’s most important metadata. Basically, metadata is structured data that contains information about other data. Applied to your subscribers, these are important details about your saved contacts. Among other things, you can use this tab to control important details about the dispatch or get an insight of from whom and when the subscriber was created or edited.

More about subscribers you can get in this newsletter tutorial.

Perfect overview of your subscriber base

How many subscribers are currently in your database? How active are they and what about the data quality? All these important questions are answered in the new subscriber dashboard of mailworx. Important information about your recipients is summarized and presented in an appealing way. Now it is up to you to interpret them. In our newsletter tutorial, you will learn which key figure means what and how you can use this information.

Deal with your subscriber base to gain insight into your email marketing activities. The subscriber dashboard already gives you a good overview. In some areas, however, you also have the option to continuing your analysis in more detail:

  • Many elements in the dashboard are clickable and lead you directly to the corresponding subscriber list.
  • Via links in the top right corner of some sections, you will get further to a details view.
  • The section “Statistic” provides an overview of all additional analyses options for your subscribers.

Get started now and gain important insights of your subscriber base to take your email marketing to a new level.

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