If you attentively observe everything around mailworx, you surely know that there is a big update of our system just around the corner: mailworx 10. And to make this 10th version a special one – especially because 2020 is the 18th birth year of our email marketing software – we came up with some ideas. In this article, we gathered the most important changes in order to introduce our enhanced system to you.

The biggest innovation can be seen directly after logging in into the system: We adapted the whole design of mailworx in order to improve the structure as well as transparency. The new surface now looks tidy and thanks to the new navigation, you can see all significant tools you need for creating, designing and analyzing email campaigns at a glance.

The start page gives a perfect overview.

The most important things at a glance

Before you even start creating a campaign, we support you in achieving your email marketing goals. Useful whitepapers from the support section of our website introduce the most important subjects you need to successfully create newsletters.

Additionally, you see at a glance, which email campaigns you have edited and sent last. So you can directly start again where you ended the last time. Also, a clear extract of your statistics is given on the start page, which shows all the key indicators of the corresponding month: How many newsletters did you send, how many subscribers get your sendings, how many openings and clicks register your emails?

Campaign editor – intuitively creating newsletters

The menu item ‘Campaign‘ still gives you an overview over your email campaigns, but you are now able to filter, e.g. by status, newsletter type, subject or template. Users also see at a glance, how far they came in creating a campaign and which step they have to take next on the path to their final newsletter.

A traffic light system shows the progress of creating a campaign.

The new campaign editor guides you step by step through the phases of creating an email campaign – a traffic light system shows the progress. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor now is even more intuitive: settings for the corresponding newsletter sections can be done directly in the editing menu of the editor, mailworx clients already know this menu from the form editor.

Step by step to your final email campaign.

When you finalized your newsletter, you directly see how big your target group is which will get your email. You can also see how the number of subscribers is calculated and you can make the essential settings for your target group as well. Every campaign you created can be saved as default for future campaigns. This means that content and configuration of this campaign will be taken over. So you don’t have to create a new email campaign that you use often every single time – you simply have to adapt the content.

Classicals and little changes

Well-tried things should not be changed. This is why the subscriber dashboard stayed the same: it still gives you the perfect overview of all recipients as well as special target groups. The same goes with the menu point statistics, where you can still find analyzes of all of your email campaigns and subscribers and which gives you the opportunity to compare the performance of specific email campaigns.

Subscriber dashboard for the perfect overview over your subscribers.

As a mailworx user you also know the workflow editor, the module automation just got a more prominent point in the system as this topic plays an increasing role in email marketing and at mailworx, we want to make creating and dispatching newsletters as easy as possible for you.

The user area holds, next to other settings, the administrations ready for you. There you can undertake all administrative settings, such as users, clients and integrations.

In former versions of mailworx you were only able to search for items in the specific area you were working in. Now you can find the search bar directly in the navigation, and you can search for more than just email campaigns, thanks to the general quest: Entering a search term, you can search for campaign names, subscribers, workflows, forms etc. This new feature supports you to achieve the goal you wish for in no time.

The general search supports you in reaching your goals even faster.

Even more support awaits you when clicking the help symbol which you can find in the navigation. There you get whitepapers that are exactly matching the topic in mailworx you are currently working in. You also have the opportunity to request our mailworx service crew directly in the system – our experts are there for you as usual. And there is another new symbol in the navigation: notifications. You get a notify message for achieving some steps, for example if an import has been completed, a campaign has successfully been sent or the winner of an A/B split test has been detected.

Stay up to date with notifications.

As you can see, there have been some cool changes in the mailworx system. These adaption in the look & feel lead to an improved usability in order to make working with mailworx as enjoyable as possible and it also shows that email marketing is fun! We are excited to know what you think about mailworx 10 – so please let us know!

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