Interactive newsletters are listed as one of the top trends in content marketing. There is a good reason for this: Interactive elements shorten conversion paths, they increase attention and the time recipients spend with your email content.

Send highly effective emails with interactive elements

Email marketing is still one of the best tools to achieve marketing goals, to attract attention and promote customer loyalty. In a research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, more than 70% of respondents – both B2B and B2C – said that email is the best format for spreading content and achieving specific marketing objectives.

However, with the plethora of emails that arrive in the recipients’ inboxes every day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to really get people to act. This explains the trend for interactive newsletters because they create a user experience that excites subscribers. It makes sure that they really attend to the content. Also, it has a positive impact on the company’s perception in the eye of the customer.

Interactive newsletters stand out from the crowd. They pick up those technologies that have already proven to be highly effective on websites, and therefore almost belong to the standard repertoire, such as slider elements.

Still, interactive elements are rarely used in email campaigns. Therefore, using these technologies before others catch up could give you a head start. After all, almost 80% of companies that have already used interactive content in their emails plan to make more of the sort. (Sources: Litmus executive summary, Litmus’ State of Email Survey 2018

Wide range of elements for interactive newsletters

The possibilities offered by interactive newsletters are widely spread. They range from simple navigation elements to email campaigns that resemble a small website or invite recipients to a game. Here are some of the elements that are suitable for getting started with interactive newsletters and can be implemented with little effort.

Goal 1: Increase conversions with interactive elements

If your main goal is to move your subscribers to take an action, that has to take place on an external page, the following elements are very useful.

  • Slider
    The eye-catching and appealing presentation of content in sliders makes it much more likely that subscribes follow the call-to-action.
  • Image carousel
    This element presents a selection of images that can serve as foretaste of great content waiting behind the button “See more”.
  • Countdown
    The countdown immediately catches the eye and conveys urgency. The “expiration date” for an action motivates your recipients to act fast.

Goal 2: Encourage engagement and customer loyalty

All interactive elements have the potential to move your recipient to actively deal with your emails. Videos and animated graphics occupy a special position here because they are particularly suitable for conveying advertising messages and transporting emotions.

  • Personalized videos
    Personalized videos have a surprising effect compared to traditional ones because the content is tailored to the user.
  • Animated image sequences
    Animated image sequences, such as GIFs, attract everyone’s attention and are ideal for highlighting special content. Depending on where you place the element in your email, it helps you to encourage clicks on forwarding links or increase the reading time of your newsletter.

Basically, it should be noted that depending on the intention, design and placement of the interactive element, the reading rate can be a very meaningful metric. With a high degree of interactivity, the subscriber will find everything needed in the newsletter – a click on an external page may then no longer be necessary.

Goal 3: Structured content for a better user experience

Although a newsletter can theoretically contain endless content, the really good positions are limited. Take advantage of these top spots. A good option are the sliders mentioned above, but there is more. The following elements help you to present important information in a clearly visible yet compact form.

  • Burger navigation
    The sight of a burger is enough to make you feel hungry? Looking at the symbol with the three horizontal lines,  it is just as automatic to recognize that there is more hidden behind it. This interactive element is especially interesting for the mobile presentation and allows you to integrate static links to important information (e.g. product categories in the online store).
  • Accordion menu
    This menu element induces your recipients to deal consciously with the pieces of content hidden in it because they have to click on the headers to reveal them. Another advantage is that you can provide well-structured information bit by bit.

Interactive elements are easy to adopt

That sounds so complicated? It does not have to be. Easily create interactive newsletters with mailworx! We have implemented the interactive elements for you in the form of newsletter articles that you can adapt to your design and purposes and then just have to insert into the email campaign. We also make sure that the content of the interactive elements are presented in an appealing way in all email programs.

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