What do email marketing tools like mailworx and Google Analytics have in common? Right – both deliver perfectly prepared statistics, which help you analyze your measurements in an optimal way. With mailworx, you have the opportunity to efficiently combine the advantages of both tools for increasing your campaigns’ analyses. In this blogpost, we want to tell you something about this topic and show you, how easy a detailed analysis can be.

You surely analyze your email marketing measures with the extending statistics tool of mailworx already. There you get a perfect overview over openings as well as reading rates and links clicked by your subscribers in your mailings. With this analysis, you know well, which subjects your recipients are interested in – but is there even more to know about your reader’s behavior? By linking your mailing to the appropriate analysis of your website, there are completely new opportunities.

UTM parameter is the magic formula

Newsletter so-seen ‘only’ sell a click. If this click is enriched with the appropriate magic formula, you get valuable information about your readers that go far beyond the mailing. The name of this so-called magic formula in that case in UTM. These are individually created parameters, which can be attached to an URL of your website. Google Analytics is able to interpret these parameters and use them for further analysis.

You can use UTM parameters not only for analyzing your email marketing activities. By using these little helpers you are also able to perfectly comprehend other campaign activities – if it’s Google or Facebook Ads. There are various intuitive generators of UTM parameters on the internet.

The good thing with mailworx is that the appropriate parameters are generated automatically. The area ‘Campaign’ shows the respective name of your email campaign and under ‘Ad Content’ you can identify the specific link click with the link name. It also gives general information like mailworx as ‘Source’ or that the ‘Medium’ is email. You can specify individual categories and deposit them to the link in your email campaign editor. This offers you an additional possibility to improve your analysis.

These analyses add value

Everyone that intensively dealt with Google Analytics once knows about the power of this tool. For that reason, we gathered the – in our view – most exiting analyses in the context of your emails for you. Of course there are much more possibilities and there is hardly any limit.

#1: Overview over your campaigns

There is an overview over all campaings that you defined to be one by using the appropriate UTM parameters in the are ‘Acquisition – Campaign – All Campaigns’. As already mentioned, you are also able to use them beyond your email marketing activities. Because of that fact, you might find – next to the appropriate newsletters – also other campaigns in your Google Analytics account.

That area gives you a perfect overview over your campaigns’ successes. You can see the amount of website visitors, whether these are existing or new users or how they behaved on your website. Did the readers of your campaign directly jump off your website after a click or did they stay to consume content?

#2: Segments

Before we show you further opportunities of analysis, we have the ultimate tip for you in order to filter the data of your email marketing activities out of all Google Analytics data. Experts of analysis create own segments for that purpose.You have the opportunity to add a new segment almost everywhere in the system.

Click on ‘New Segment’, add a meaningful segment name and go to ‘Traffic Sources’. This view holds the opportunity to filter your data in accordance with the UTM parameters used. If you type ’email’ in the area of ‘Medium’, you can see only those key figures of your email marketing measures.

#3: Behavior Flow

Do you want to know which content of your newsletter your target group is interested in the most? Then the ‘Behavior Flow’ is the perfect tool for you. Go to the ‘Behavior Flow’ in the area ‘Behavior’. There you can choose the appropriate segment of your email marketing activities. You get the perfect overview over the behavior of your readers that visited your website via clicking a link in your newsletter.

If you are interested in the topics that your newsletter recipients read most, you can check this out in ‘Behavior – Site Content – All Pages’. We think, this is perfect for getting some inspiration for further newsletter content.

#4: Conversions

In the beginning of this blogpost, we told you that email marketing could only sell a click. We want to take back this statement now. Of course, email marketing is able to sell much more than a click and can – used in a professional way – become a real sales driver. But the measurability of the sales is a problem. If you only regard the email marketing statistics you do know, which readers have clicked a link but not, which of them did really purchase.

Exactly this lack of information can be filled by the combination of your email marketing tool with Google Analytics. Enrich your Google Analytics account with appropriate targets you want to reach, for example buying a product in your online shop or filling in a form. You can perfectly understand whether these actions are taken by a newsletter reader or not. You can view these analyses under ‘Conversions – Goals’.

Perfect interplay that convinces

You can reach better results only by appropriate analyses of your marketing measures. Combine the advantages of the tools used and get more out of your success. Start with continuously analyzing your mailings. After analyzing all aspects of your newsletter statistics you can go to Google Analytics and see the actions of your readers beyond your mailing. This gives you an extended view on your subscriber’s behavior and you can perfectly derive appropriate optimizations as well as implementing them in the next step.

You want to benefit from the advantages and combine mailworx with Google Analytics? Then get in touch with us – we support you as your professional partner.

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