What are the secrets of emails which are so irresistible that subscribers cannot help but read them? Where open rates far beyond 50 % are possible? From time to time we take a look over the shoulder of successful mailworx customers to reveal best practices that are qualified to inspire other users.

Today, we want to introduce you to Diamond Aircraft. The company is amongst the leading aircraft manufacturer in General Aviation and has pioneered many aviation firsts. The subscribers of Diamond Aircrafts are real fans – or rather lovers. Nevertheless, open rates around 70% and click rates that regularly crack the 40% mark really leave us speechless. Especially, because this is not just a one-hit-wonder, but rather a constant performance with a four-digit email list size. How do they do that?

Higher results: Stories put email marketing on a different plane

The kings of the air are true masters of storytelling. They satisfy the longing of their subscribers: tell about aviation adventures and let them participate. In the picture below we show you an episode from the “Diamond Diary”. Check out this teaser text! There are only a few words, but they strike home. Are you curious now? Here is the story to read.

(Next time, we will tell you more about the 5 secrets of good story telling)

Across the sky, across the channels

Diamond Aircraft is not only successful in email marketing, but also does excellent cross-channel marketing. Entertainment is provided on all channels. The content, such as the YouTube series in the second screenshot, is distributed via newsletters. To build a strong community, the link to social media is prominently placed right at the beginning of the email campaign. One of the pictures from the Instagram feed provides the header picture for the monthly newsletter to match the hashtag #WeFlyDiamondAircraft (screenshot 3).

Apart from the content, we really like the design. Appropriate to the topic, it is airy. There is enough whitespace, so the fantastic pictures take full effect. The design gives us a sense of the expanse and the freedom that we associate with flying. The large headlines stand on their own and already contain everything to assess whether the topic is interesting for the subscriber.

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