“Generating as many subscribers as possible to increase the purchasing opportunities” – this is the aim of many companies that use email marketing. Nevertheless, this goal is also a big challenge because especially the preservation of qualified leads is usually more complicated and more complex than initially thought.

Newsletter subscriptions, downloads, submission of contact forms and various offline strategies are just a few of the numerous ways to generate new newsletter recipients. It is difficult to keep track of all these lead generation opportunities, which means that the most important ways to generate subscribers are often omitted or overlooked.

However, to ensure that you will only use the most successful options in the future and that you will not miss any chance to generate many high-quality subscribers, we listed the most important and best-proven lead generation methods for you.

#1: Offer your potential subscribers and additional value

With an additional value, potential subscribers can be tempted. This has ideally such a value, that they are even willing to exchange their email-address against it. Overvalues are for example website content such as whitepaper, e-books, studies or videos, product or service tests (samples), coupons, discounts and sweepstakes. Also mark your newsletter with positive features and play with arguments like “100 percent free”, “no spam” or “unsubscribable anytime”.

#2: Design your registration form correctly

It is increasingly worth it to design the registration form highly visible and attention grabbing. You can do this with eye-catching colors and animations. Straight and well-structured forms have not really proven themselves and attract little to no attention. To tidy up all the doubts of potential subscribers, it helps to insert the privacy policy in a subtle font before the submit button. Also, be sure to query only the data that you really need. The more data you query, the higher the risk that potential leads will jump off again.

#3: Place your registration form correctly

Be sure to use all available “touchpoints” to reach as many prospects as possible. Following, you find the most successful places where registration forms should be included:

  • Before you start to fill your website, reserve a spot at the top of the homepage, as well as in the footer of your website for the registration form. These spots are very prominent and easily visible.
  • Also create an own landingpage for the registration form. This has the advantage, that the form does not take away any space for relevant information and it can be linked easily and simply (for example in social media posts)
  • Make sure that you place a registration form on all pages, which are according to your analysis frequently visited or used.
  • If you are running a blog, it makes sense to give your readers always the opportunity to sign up in a registration form.
  • Use pop-up windows, which suddenly appear on the screen. However, make sure, that they are carefully and well dosed used and don’t affect the user experience. That means in plain language that the pop-up in best case should not appear too often and not besiege the entire screen.
  • If the pop-up window is too risky for you, there are also two alternatives. On the one hand there is the sticky layer, which follows the movement of the visitor in form of a pop-in window. This means no matter where the visitor scrolls or clicks, the sticky layer stays at the same position. On the other hand, there is an opt-in gate, which is similar to the pop-up window, but this one is only displayed to new visitors to the website.

#4: Collaborate with influencers

With regard to lead generation, cooperation’s with influencers are often underestimated. But a collaboration with influencers not only brings you a certain reach, it also brings leads and customer contacts due to tailor made advertising measures. Especially if your product appeals to a younger target group, it may be worth it to collaborate with influencers. Look for a person with the appropriate popularity and name recognition, who represents the appearance what you also want to communicate with your product or service.

#5: Use your social media accounts

Build up a large Facebook community with interesting content and lots of interactivity (sharing, liking and commenting). Once you achieved this, you can benefit from your own accounts and link your website or registration forms. Also, make use of your start page as a contact area for potential leads. With editorial social media posts, you can promote, for example, studies that are only available in exchange of the email address.

#6: Insert lead magnets

Whenever it comes to the topic of subscriber generation, lead magnets turn out to be the true heroes. It’s the simple reason that free offers have a strong appeal to visitors. For the target audience, a lead magnet is an interesting and free content, for which they are even willing to share their contact information. Examples for lead magnets are e-books, whitepapers, checklists, templates, infographics, discounts, blog articles, studies, etc.

In order to fullfil its function, the following aspects should be considered when creating a lead magnet:

  • Is it suitable for the target group?
  • Is there a difference tho the rest of the content?
  • Does it show necessary action steps?
  • Is it available anytime and quickly?
  • Does it solve a problem of the target group?

#7: Webinars as an incentive for your subscribers

Do you offer webinars or have you ever thought of offering them? In fact, free webinars can appeal to broad masses and make a big difference in terms of lead generation. All you need is a landing page, with all the important information (date, time, speaker, overvalue) and, if you don’t want to do the webinars yourself, a speaker who in the best case even has a wide reach which brings a high lead strain with it.

#8: Connect at events

Events will ever be a very good way to generate leads despite the digitization. Similar to the webinar, all you need is a landing page with all the important information about the event and a note, that only those, who have registered on the guest list, can take part. At the event, you can place yourself as an expert and consequently make the newsletter tasty to the visitors, as there are more tips in it waiting for them.

Now you feel well informed and want to start immediately with the methods for lead generation? With the numerous functions of the mailworx form editor, you can immediately start designing your registration form!

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