Use a little imagination and the flexible template technology from mailworx to create atmospheric Christmas newsletters within a very short time. Today we have some last minute ideas for you, which will lead to great results even if there is little time for an effortfully designed Christmas campaign.

# 1 How to make an email Advent calendar with mailworx

Our Advent calendar should serve as an example of how versatile you can use the mailworx newsletter template. If you want to follow our “handicraft instruction”, then you need the following things to fill the Advent calendar:

  • 24 Christmas vector graphics (or atmospheric images) – in the colored version and in grayscale
  • 24 interesting content or goodies (e.g. blog reports, download documents, chances of winning, etc.)

We used a three-column section to create the Advent calendar and added it to the campaign several times. As soon as the respective day has come the links behind the pictures can be reached and the tiles are displayed in color.

Modify the Advent calendar and design it according to your own taste

In the mobile version the individual columns of a three-column post are displayed one below the other. If this makes the campaign too long in your eyes, there are ways to modify this suggestion.

  • Reduced design
    Only show one door or day in each campaign. At the end of Advent the subscriber receives the complete calendar, which gives access to all content in a collected form.
  • Work with anchor links
    Include an anchor link in the introduction. Then the recipient can jump directly to the relevant box.
  •  Limit it to special days
    Only send the campaigns on the Sundays in Advent or on special days such as St. Nicholas Day. In these emails, all boxes with the previous date can then also be opened.
  • Choose another form of representation
    With an accordion, you have the option of hiding the individual calendar doors in the drop-down menu.

Tips for implementing an Advent calendar with mailworx

Since the Advent calendar is always structured in the same way, it is advisable to work with default values ​​here. First create the campaign for the first day of Advent and save it under step 1 of the campaign settings as a default value with the name “Advent Calendar”. If you create a new campaign, you can select this default value and save yourself a lot of work.

You can then plan the individual campaigns in advance for the respective date and have mailworx automatically send them to the desired target group. So that you do not lose recipients who no longer want to receive the calendar for all your newsletters, it is best to offer them the option of only unsubscribing from it (see, for example, enabling unsubscribing from different types of newsletters).

# 2 Decorate your Christmas newsletter header with colorful GIFs

Why not make your newsletter sparkle in the time before Christmas. In the header image of our sample campaign, we let it snow. But creating such a GIF is not rocket science with a little Photoshop knowledge and does not take long as you can make use of diverse selections of stock photo services.

An animated GIF gives variety to your newsletters. Implemented with pre-Christmas motifs it will bring your recipients in the right mood for holiday.

#3 Give your subscribers a treat and spark joy in your Christmas Newsletter

Basically, there is no need to wait until Christmas, because the time is always right to cherish relationships. Reward the loyalty of your newsletter subscribers and pack a little surprise in your Christmas newsletter. Discount codes, vouchers and other goodies always bring joy, but a gift does not necessarily have to be tied to a material value.

Perhaps you’d rather reward your recipients with an exclusive download document, or you might share wonderful Christmas memories with them. A playlist with your employees’ favorite Christmas carols is certainly not suitable for every company. But maybe suggestions like these will boost your own ideas for last minute Christmas newsletters.

#4 Christmas is the ideal time for stories

If you look at successful advertising campaigns around Christmas, they all have one thing in common: They tell a story that touches. Some also stimulate discussion, but the brand stays in the conversation and benefits from the increased attention.

Of course you can’t suck a “viral” story out of your fingers. How far your story will spread is only up to a point in your hand. However, it is worth giving some thought to how storytelling can get more out of newsletter content. In this blog report, we’ve already talked about the five big secrets of good stories.

Maybe you feel like brainstorming now? Confidently deviate from the usual Christmas clichés. Think about other teasers. An example: Instead of writing about the best cookie recipes for the hundredth time, the teaser could also be: “Burned, crumbled, inedible. My experiences as a breakdown cookie baker and what I will do better next time.”

# 5 Slide show with Christmas motifs

A story can be told not only in words, but also in pictures. That works with videos, of course, but it doesn’t always have to be that much effort, especially if there is no time for it because Christmas day is coming closer and closer. Bring movement into play with sliders, for example. We also want to give you a suggestion that combines several ideas from this article.

  • Slider with short stories
    Santa Claus stops at a different place in the world on each slide. By clicking the buttons, various short stories are shown.
  • Slider with Christmas promotions
    Advertise promotions in the online shop on different slides and then use the click behavior for an even more accurate segmentation.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and can hardly wait to get down to business and spread some delighting Christmas newsletters! Enjoy the pre-Christmas season despite all the turbulence and stay healthy!

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